Candy Crush Addict

Anyone else suffer from Candy Crush addiction?  You know that crazy feeling where you can't concentrate on anything else until you've beaten that level that you have been stuck on for a month.

I know that feeling and I know I'm not alone.  I was stuck on one level for weeks.  It got to the point that I decided I was going to play until I beat it.  Yes, I was determined not to do anything else, until I went past the level that was driving me nuts.  Thankfully, I beat it before I went a little nutty.  Well, I'm already a little nutty.  Who isn't?

Seriously I can figure out how to beat it, but if your hand dealt is not just right you might as well forget it.

I was face painting at a senior citizens home facility.  The theme for Grandparents Day was Candy Crush.  Each person that played had a sticker stating what level they were on.  

I was chatting with a worker there and she informed me that she pays when she can't beat a level.  I can't believe that people actually pay to beat a level.  If you are one of them I guess you're more addicted than me.  I'm not pointing fingers, but maybe just throwing a little chocolate your way.

If you're an addict (like me) comment and let me know what level you're on.



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