If I Should Die Before My Dog

Have you ever sat and thought about what is going to happen to your dog if you pass away?  Just as important as a will, we need to know that our little doggy friends will be taken care of. 

Why do I need this book? No one knows your pet like you do. This is a must have for pet owners in case you pass away. It gives the new owner everything they're going to need to know about your animal, down to his smallest quirks. We as humans are not perfect and neither are our animal friends. This is very detailed, so if something should happen to you your doggy child can make a smooth transition to it's next family.

If you own a dog I recommend having this right along with your will, so your dog can adjust to it's new adoptive family.

It is beautifully written and will touch a tender place in your heart.  

Purchase your book here. http://www.amazon.com/If-Should-Die-Before-Dog/dp/1475124511



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