Cups Torture

My two daughters and I fell in love with this song over the summer. The song is Cups, by Anna Kendrick.  It is featured in the movie, Pitch Perfect.  It's the ring tone on my phone.  It's such a pretty and sweet song.

My daughter Faith, who is ten, must have heard someone at school use a solo cup to play the beats and sing the song.

Ever since, our ears have been hurting.  She thinks she has the song down, but oh no it's so wrong. 

It's gotten so bad that my husband, Matt, and I can't stop laughing.  Every time she starts playing she is so serious about her talent and skill. 

I told Matt that we need to learn to play the song on the solo cup so we can teach her and the torture would end.

As usual, I didn't get around to it, so I looked up the YouTube video for her instead. 
This girl has it down, but Faith refuses to watch the video because she is so confident in her talent.

She even wanted to play in front of the school.  I quickly advised against that one because I don't want her to embarrass herself.

So, if your ears are suffering from cup noise please share this video with all the other parents going through this torture.



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