Jewelry In Candles Review

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Who would have thought that jewelry and candles, two of my favorite things, would ever be combined.  Yes, you heard it correctly.  That is even better than finding a prize in a Cracker Jacks box.  OK, maybe this is the adult, much cooler version, of it.

I was asked to try this product in exchange for a review.  So, I couldn't wait to head on over to pick out a scent.  There was so much to choose from.  Take a look at the large selection.  I ended up picking out the birthday cake candle.  I've been in love with anything cake batter for awhile.  Make sure you take a peek and tell me what candle you would choose.

After you burn the candle approximately 4 hours, you will see a little foil packet.  Carefully dig this out of the candle.  I did it while the wax was in liquid form with tongs.  

I was so excited about my little jewelry packet.  Look below to see the beautiful piece that was hiding in my candle.
 photo 8f31162d-46d2-496f-92ee-c429584b7753_zpsfe96e6c5.jpg 
Would I buy another candle from this company?  Yes, I would.  I think they make great Christmas presents, because you don't get just the candle, you get a little surprise inside.

Where can I get my candle?  You can go to the reps Facebook page here, or click on any of the other links above.

Are you interested in earning a little extra money for the holidays?  If you sign up before November 15th, there is no fee to become a rep.  Also the cool thing about this company is there is no website fee, no monthly quotas, and no auto ship.  Plus, you can earn up to 40% commission. 

A special bonus for Mom Among Chaos fans!  You can use ILOVEJEWELRY for 20% off your first order.



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