Luckity Game review

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We wrote a blog post about Luckity last week. I tried it out myself to review for our readers.
The first thing you do is make an account and add some money to it. I started with $15. Join with $10 and use this unique code, oeu35 (make sure to input during registration) to get a free $15 in your account. The FREE $15 must be played. You may keep any winnings from the $15. Readers who register will also receive an entry to win the $100 sweepstakes.

You have 2 games to choose from, either Vegas Cash Bingo or Island Dream$ Bingo. I tried them both. After you decide which one you want, you pick a starting amount to spend called a Bingo Game pack. I went with the best value pack. You get 12 bingo cards per clover game and 4 cards for cash bingo. They draw from 75 numbered balls. There are multiple ways to win, including clover bingo, cash bingo, and Luckity's $100 Weekly Giveaway.
There is a countdown to let you know when your game will start, it takes less than 15 minutes to play a full game including all rounds. While you are waiting you can join in the chat room conversation or do other things. When there is 5 seconds left until the start there is a countdown with sound so you know to join back in to watch. Although it will keep playing in the background even while you aren't watching it.
They tell you the winning pattern at the start of each round. If you get it on one or more of your cards, you win! The cards mark themselves & move around on the screen with the ones most likely to win going to the top. It's really easy to get the hang of, anyone can do it. Easier than playing the games at the casino, which I still can't figure out.

At one point I won 800 clovers, that was fun! I turned those in toward entries in the weekly giveaway. When it was time for cash bingo, I won $3.70! That's better than I do playing the lotto.
I recommend you go try it out. Use the code mentioned above, HERE. Since you get a free $15 credit you really have nothing to lose. Have fun & let me know in the comments how much you win.



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