Veins and Double Rump

I'm always hearing on TV about the latest painless procedure.  I want to yell and scream that it's not really painless.  That you will yell, but just not out loud.  You will scream, but no one will hear you.

Yes, I've had many procedures that I literally wanted to scream.  I've had a photo facial, which is like being electrocuted over and over again.  I had Thermage on my stomach.  That was like having a iron pressed against your stomach and you are the ironing board.  My latest bright idea was getting my spider veins fixed.

Painless?  In your dreams!

I am very fair skinned.  I had been putting off getting my veins done for awhile.  It was getting to the point that I was embarrassed to wear my shorter shorts and skirts.  I did not want to be that girl that would not wear shorts during the summer.

I had previously gone to The Skin and Vein Center, but a friend recommended Allure Medical Spa in Livonia.  After watching the commercials, and meeting the Doctor, I decided that was where I was going.

I was told if I didn't take care of the spider veins they would continue to spread.  They are like branches on a tree, that you have to stop the source, or they continue to grow.

I got there and was not nervous because I always believe when they say "painless", which I should know better by now.

I found out that I would need 2 maybe 3 rounds of injections.  Each round costs $200.  

I was all happy and chipper until they gave me the first shot behind my knee and I wanted to sail off the table.  It was like a painful bee sting.  I was sweating like a pig and imagining the yummy food I was going to present myself with after this torture.

I have to admit that the fatty areas like my thighs were just like a shot.  Those weren't bad at all, but skinny areas, beware.

They continued to inject me for about 30 minutes.  Once they were finished they put on my compression stockings.  They went up to my hips.  I could already tell it would be a battle for the next two weeks.  A battle of Crystal versus the compression stockings.

I didn't mind the compression stockings, but I hated the double rump.  My thigh fat spilled over my stockings and into my clothing.  All clothing!  So, I had to pretend that no one saw my double rump.  Well, in my head anyways.

It's been about a month now.  I do see a difference in my legs.  I am due for another round in January.  I am also trying to wear my compression socks daily to prevent them from coming back.  Bye, bye spider veins.



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