The LEGO Movie Review

I was not thrilled about going to see The LEGO Movie.  How could those little action figures keep me entertained for 90 minutes and be worth paying $5 for a movie ticket?  My daughters ended up with another snow day (big surprise) so we decided to go see this movie as a family.  My husband, Matt, grew up playing with LEGO® bricks, so he was super excited to see the movie.

Here is the trailer.  Check it out!
The movie is about Emmet, a construction worker LEGO guy, that follows all of the rules.  Emmet is mistaken as the "special", the person that is suppose to save the world.  Emmet learns to believe in himself during his adventure to save the world.

The movie features a really catchy tune.  My husband has sung it all weekend.   It is called Everything Is Awesome, by Tegan and Sara.
I was pleasantly surprised about this movie.  It was adorable to the eyes.  It was bright, fun, and super cute.  I loved all of the adult humor.  There was tons of it.  Batman was hilarious.

The movie is packed with stars.  I am a huge Will Ferrell fan. I was super excited when I heard his voice in the film. It also stars Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, & Liam Neeson.

Would I recommend this movie?  I sure would!  Even if you're not a LEGO fan, you will enjoy it.

For more information visit The LEGO Movie website.



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