Some People Just Can’t Get Enough of Them – Shoes That Is

Is there such a thing as too many shoes? I suppose that’s the question really – some people have got shoe closets bursting with them but no matter how many shoes a person has actually got they apparently don’t wear most of them. Now hold on a minute, I’m not lady bashing here, there are some men who are as passionate about shoes as women are, even though not so many of them will probably admit it.
So why do you need so many different types of shoes.
Flip-flops are great for warm summer afternoons and days on the beach.

Flat sandals are fabulous for when flip-flops won’t do (driving for instance) and walking around in the summer.
Sandals with heels are just that little bit classier and can be worn with many different types of outfit.
Flat ballet type shoes are comfortable and can be as classy or as casual as you want them to be (or as classy/casual as the fabric they are made from).

Heels are one of the biggest culprits lurking unworn in many a closet – the problem with many high heeled shoes is that they look divine on the shelf but rather a lot of people can’t actually walk in them.
Boots – long boots, short boots, cowboy boots, snow boots, wellington boots – boots are fab.
Sneakers – tennis shoes, training shoes, call them what you will . . . they are in fact essential for any type of exercise (except bowling, you need bowling shoes for that) . . . they are also essential to wear with weekend casual wear, denims, etc. I'm sure you moms will agree that they are essential.
So what’s the problem then? That’s at least 7 different styles of shoes which have all earned their places in our shoe closets. So why is it that some people have more than 20 pairs of shoes, some have more than 50 pairs of shoes, and some people literally have hundreds and hundreds of pairs of shoes? Here’s another fact for you while I’m on the subject – almost all woman (okay, I am bashing a bit here) have got at least one pair which they have never worn.
Why do people go to the trouble and expense of buying dozens and dozens of pairs of shoes to leave them in the closet? Some are worn once and eternally plunged back into the darkness, some are never worn at all. Here’s why . . .
• The usual problem is that they may look good but they’re just too darned uncomfortable. The heels are too high or the toes are too squashy . . . you may intend to wear your nice new shoes on a night out but give up on them before you even get out of the door.
• Some shoes may look terrific but don’t actually match anything in the wardrobe. Okay, so those electric blue heels might have looked amazing in the store but they won’t necessarily go well with the earth colors which dominate your wardrobe.

 • Some shoes are just too special to be worn – you can’t actually wear something which cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, you might damage them.
• Some shoes just don’t have quite the same “zing” when you get them home and although you can’t bring yourself to return them you know deep down that you’ll never wear them either.
Let’s get back to the bowling for a minute – there’s a great range of shoes and other gifts online at if you wanted to add some to your growing collection – and they’re very comfortable.

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