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If you're a parent, you know how chaotic things can get.  Usually in the morning, and after school I'm running around trying to get everything done like a chicken with my head cut off.  Schwan's home delivery helps you take a moment to breathe by saving you time and bringing food directly to your home.

I received a gift card to try out Schwan's.  I have used Schwan's service in the past and really enjoyed the food.  This time I decided I would try the southwest style lime chicken (pictured above), cotton candy push up ice cream, and the mini donuts (pictured below).
Mom Among Chaos
The southwest style lime chicken was really good.  It was meant for two, but I pretty much pigged out and gobbled the whole thing.  It wasn't lacking in flavor and it was super easy to make.  The mini-donuts made my home smell fantastic.  It smelled just like a cider mill.  They sure didn't last long because I managed to get one and the rest someone else made disappear.  My girls both loved the push pops.  

Would I recommend Schwan's Home Delivery?  Yes, I would! It's super easy to order online and have meals and food delivered right to your door step.  

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Some of the benefits of Schwan’s Home Service:
Simplified mealtimes with over 350 High-quality, affordable food choices
USDA Choice Meats
Grade A Vegetables
Wild-Caught Fish and Seafood
Delivered right to your door for your convenience
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* Disclosure: Mom Among Chaos received a gift card in exchange for an honest review. Full policy here.

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