A Parents Guide to Keeping it Classy

I have been very disturbed lately by the lack of parents keeping it classy. I in no way blame the child because they learn this behavior from the parents.  It really breaks my heart and the only thing I can do is pray.

1.  Watch the language
I'm no saint. I swear occasionally.  If I bang my toe you might hear something foul come out of my mouth. Your children imitate you. You're their first teacher and they look up to you. Bite the tongue when they are around. Or else their little mouths will be repeating what you say. I should not be hearing a third grader using the word "fricking" every other word. I know it's not the f word, but it implies the f word. 

2.  Fashion Show
Picking your child up from school is not a fashion show. You're not walking the runway. We are setting examples of how our children should dress.  Trust me I love clothes as much as the next person.  Here are two examples of what not to do. Yes, this actually happened. 

You are not at the gym.  Yes, seeing big biceps is a nice treat, but not when you decide to block the sidewalk at school by showing off your manly strength doing push ups.  Also, didn't your mom teach you to put clothing on before going out?  Put on a shirt.  A little modesty goes a long way.  I was quite shocked, I tell you.  It was amusing.  I thought my eyes were deceiving me with this one.

Yoga pants, jeans, heck even pajama pants with coffee mugs attached to the mom's hand all have my stamp of approval.   Showing every crack, crevice, thong, & dimple is two thumbs down.  We live in Michigan for goodness' sake.  It's cold most of the time, except for a few months out of the year.

3. Manners
The school parking lot boils down to a lack of manners.  There are horns blowing and people parking where they shouldn't be, because of pure laziness.  People, the drop off lane is called the drop off lane for a reason.  If you want to get out and socialize, simply park your car.  It's that simple!  I see people park in the drop off zone and then just leave their car in the drop off zone and socialize.  Hello!! Walking is good for you and I don't see a handicapped sticker on your car.

4. Protecting Your Child
This is the most important of them all.  We love our children more than anything.  Most of us would do anything in our power to keep them safe.  It broke my heart when I saw a fellow classmate of my daughter's on a motorcycle, with I'm guessing her father, and neither one of them were wearing a helmet.  I understand it's your choice if you choose not to wear a helmet.   It is the law though that your child must be wearing a helmet.  It just makes me sad that you took your child's right away.  She isn't old enough to make that decision on her own.

That completes my parents guide to keeping it classy.  I'm sure I will have new ones soon.  People never cease to amaze me.  All I am asking for is just a little class.



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