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Reebok has a new campaign with the message of "be more human". I started thinking about what does #BeMoreHuman mean to me?

Recently, I returned to Lifetime Fitness. I had ended my membership there more than a year ago, when I injured my leg, and had to spend a summer going through physical therapy. I thought my tough workout days were over and that I needed to work out in a more "mild" fashion. I began to truly miss all of my intense yoga sessions and how strong my legs were from all the hours I spent spinning. Today was my first day back. I realized how much my body has softened in that year. All of my muscles are aching. But, you know what? I know where my body is going, back to the place where it is strong and lean. #BeMoreHuman
I also want to make a difference in peoples lives each and everyday. That could be a simple smile or helping an elderly person with their groceries. I just want to help bring a little joy. #BeMoreHuman

You can find out what your human score is by taking the test. Take the HUMAN SCORE test from Reebok. My results are posted below. Feel free to share your results in the comments.
You are "Aspirer"
Motivated by all the things that make us human? That’s true to who you are, Aspirer. The Aspirers rely a great deal on outside motivators to keep them going. That can be rewards, praise, someone else’s achievements – or the people behind those achievements. In fact, having someone to look up to not only serves to motivate the Aspirers, but it also offers up a mental image of what they can attain if they push themselves. If there is any truth to the idiom, “You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with,” then the Aspirers have it made. They keep people around them who believe in them and who can help them achieve their human potential. Aspirers are always striving toward greatness, and guess what? They may just have the right stuff to get there.

Aspirers have a natural disposition towards a healthy lifestyle as well as having the drive and motivation to conquer any physical challenge. But if that predilection wanes at times (after all, we’re only humans), it doesn’t take much to motivate Aspirers. It might be a new challenge, like a Spartan Race or Mixed Martial Arts. But, more likely, all they need is the right mentor or group of like-minded workout buddies to cheer them on and they’ll dedicate themselves wholeheartedly. In no time, they will be the ones that others are aspiring to.

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