The Benefits of Hot Yoga

After doing much investigation I have found the benefits of hot yoga up in the air. All I know for sure is that I'm in love. I started back taking yoga classes a month ago, because I was desperately missing it. The first time I returned to the mat was in a heated room. I was in for a surprise. The air felt so heated and thick. I felt like I couldn't catch my breath. After a few more times my body grew accustomed to it. Since there is so much speculation about hot yoga, I'm going to give you the benefits that I'm seeing in my own body.

The first thing I noticed was how sore my shoulders are. I knew it was due to all of those planks and downward dogs. I still can't do a complete push up, but I will eventually get there. In yoga, you're using your body as a weight. No additional equipment is needed. I personally hate weight lifting. In just a month, I already see definition in my arms and legs.

Water Weight Loss
All of us women know what it's like around "that time of the month", when everything is bloated. I forced myself to go to the gym even though I was bloated. When I got home to shower, I couldn't believe how much flatter everything looked. You will lose a ton of water from sweating. Make sure you're drinking water to replenish what you're losing during the whole entire class. 

Deeper Stretching
This can be good and bad. The heat makes everything more limber. So, make sure you don't over stretch and sprain something. Take it easy! When I first arrive in class, I try to make a point of seeing where I am sore and tight. By the end of class, check to see if you have any tight or sore areas left in your body. Usually, by the end of class anything that was tight or sore is moving much more fluidly.

Overall Well Being
Yoga focuses on your breath. So many times in life we forget to breath, or we become anxious and our breath becomes too quick. Yoga teaches us to go back to our breath when things get hard or uncomfortable. It also teaches us to be aware in the moment. When I finish my workout I feel so amazing. Even though I'm taking a few hours out of my day to make time for a class, I end up getting so much more done. Why? My focus is much better. I feel like I don't have the scattered "mommy brain" going on. Also, I have so much more energy.

Have your tried hot yoga? Do you practice yoga?



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