Smart Weigh Bathroom Memory Scale

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I was given the Smart Weigh in exchange for an honest review from Tomoson. All opinions are 100% my own. This blog post contains affiliate links. 
I have a love and hate affair with my scale. Most days, I want to throw it. The Smart Weigh Bathroom Memory Scale, is well, smart! It can tell you exactly how much weight you lost from the last time you were on it. With that kind of technology, it will make you less likely to throw your scale across the room. Okay, maybe not!

Product Description
Your search is over! The Smart Weigh SMS500 is the perfect match for what you have been seeking in a memory scale and its advanced step-on technology makes using a scale easier than ever before. Simply step on and receive your precise readings immediately. No set up is needed and you can be on your way to tracking your weight in no time. Why the SMS500? That's easy because it knows you! In addition to its ease of use, it features an incredible auto recognition functionality that utilizes memory to store and recall the information of up to eight user profiles. That's right, eight users! This is the decisive solution for health, wellness tracking and weight loss, as it differentiates between measurements every time you step on this scale. It will tell you whether you have gained weight or lost it and its large LED display will light up with a color in accordance. Red if you've gained weight and green if you have lost weight, or seen no weight gain. Tracking your results could not be simpler. What sets Smart Weigh apart from everyone else is the advanced sensor technology featured in this scale. It's our way of ensuring our scales are one of the most accurate on the market. We use precision mechanics and components that will alert you if your scale has been moved or needs to be recalibrated. This further enforces the benefit of the innovation and accuracy found within a Smart Weigh scale. The SMS500 records measurements in lbs. and oz. and has a very high capacity, 440 lbs.! It uses 4 AAA batteries and includes a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

I loved the #smartweigh scale when I first saw it. It was sleek, lightweight, and downright adorable. I did not love it when I stepped on it for the very first time. It told me my old clunky scale was off. I was no longer my happy weight and have work to do!

I liked that the scale automatically sets up to 8 users. If someone in your household is within 4 pounds of you then you have to set up an additional profile. I'm glad my oldest daughter isn't the same weight as me yet. When you step on it's blue. After a few seconds, it either turns green to tell you you've lost weight or red for gained. Or, you just might get that you stayed the same. 

I'm glad the Smart Weigh takes AAA batteries. I hate when scales take a hard to find battery!

Would I recommend the #smartweigh? Yes, it's sleek, cool, and smart! If you're in the market for a new scale, this might be just what you're looking for. Click on the link to purchase:
Smart Weigh SMS500 Digital Bathroom Scale, High Accuracy, Dual Color Weight Change Detection and Smart Step-On Auto Recognition for 8 Users, Black



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