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Last year, my daughter had to take sex education class. Afterwards, I asked her if she had questions. Her lips of course were sealed. I had a chance to review, More Than Just The Talk, by Jonathan McKee and The New Rules For Love Sex & Dating by Andy Stanley. I learned a ton on how to talk to my daughter about sex. I'm shy, but you can't be when it comes to educating your child on such a topic. Below are a few things I learned from "More Than Just The Talk".
Normally, when the word sex is brought up, a lot of us turn red or feel uncomfortable. God doesn't want that. God gave us sex as a gift to use in marriage. It shouldn't be thought of as dirty, but something beautiful between a husband and a wife. It's such a natural part of life and we as parents are sometimes hush-hush on the subject. I know that I often feel embarrassed. Well, that needs to change.

The more your child knows about sex, the better choices they will make. Our kids are living in a day and age where they're surrounded by inappropriate materials. The author, Mckee, makes good points. Listen to top 40 music. Just about all of it is about sex. Have you paid attention to the lyrics of Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke? Most of the time, our kids have no idea what they are singing about. Or check out pay per view, there is advertising for adult entertainment. Sex is everywhere. It's even forced in our face when we take our kids shopping. They should not be making thongs in kid sizes!

So, I need to stop being shy. I need to discuss it on a regular basis. My 12 year old hears about sex from her sixth grade classmates all of the time. I told her that what she is hearing is more than likely not true and if she has any questions to please come to me. I made a point of telling her that I will not get upset or angry. I am here for her!

A few weeks ago, I was at Great Lakes Crossing mall. It was below zero out, so I decided to drop my two girls off at the door. Later, I heard that Great Lakes Crossing is one of the top places for human trafficking. When I found this out, I explained to my girls why I can't give them a little bit of freedom. Sometimes, we live in a scary world. I'm so glad to have God to rest my heavy burdens on. My point is, the more your kids know about the world around them, the better off they are.

You can click here to purchase More Than Just The Talk from Family Christian.
The New Rules for Love Sex & Dating is for college age kids and adults. There is some great advice in this book.
After going through this book, I knew the perfect person to gift it to. Let's call her Sarah. Sarah has been divorced for over 5 years. She was abused in her first marriage. Sarah feels that the only way to be happy is in a relationship. So Sarah, is bouncing around, year after year, relationship after relationship. 

My heart breaks for her because she doesn't know herself anymore. She won't take the time to get herself straight and  fall in love with the one man that will never abuse her, won't harm her, and can give her the pure love she needs to heal her broken soul. That man is God. 

You can pick up More Than Just The Talk, by Jonathan McKee, and The New Rules For Love Sex & Dating by Andy Stanley at your local Family Christian store or order online.

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