5 Reason Why Owning a Pool Can Save You Money

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Have you ever considered that owning a pool can actually save you money? We have owned a pool for about 7 years. My family absolutely loves it! As soon as the weather is warm enough to open it we spend the summer making great memories in it. My daughters have become like little fishes in the water. Our summers are spent with joy, smiles, and laughter.
1. When you own a pool you save on gas. You spend less time traveling because you have the ultimate destination in your backyard. Your home becomes the house where people want to spend their time. I love having all of the neighbor kids over. When I'm home on a Saturday, I enjoy sitting on my deck, listening to music, and cooking out. 

2. Your entertainment budget will decrease! You will want to be in your pool instead of going to see the latest movie flick. Plus, you will be getting your children away from the electronics, which is an added bonus. It's great getting your vitamin D from the sun.
3. When you own a pool you don't need to invest in a pricey gym membership. I know a ton of families that pay a small fortune to take advantage of a pool. Some people pay over $100 a month. In the long run, owning a pool is a cost benefit. Your pool, if properly maintained, can last a really long time. Skip the gym, opt for a backyard pool to get your backyard vacation started today!

4. Self-installing your own pool is probably easier than you think! When you install it yourself you save quite a bit versus having it professionally installed. Heck, round up the neighborhood and have a pool install party!

5. Consider becoming Kayak Pools Midwest Demo Homesite! You will save thousands on a pool by becoming a Demo Homesite, along with receiving installation. Go on and signup here!
Photo courtesy of Kayak Pools Midwest
Ultimately, the decision of owning a pool is a personal one. I personally think it's one of the best decision that I've ever made for my family. It has created so many beautiful memories for my girls.

There are some wonderful cost benefits to owning a pool, as I listed above. I recommend taking some time to crunch some numbers. Especially with warm weather right around the corner. I know I will have my floating pool cooler and lounge chair out before I know it. You can take advantage of the #PowerofthePool!

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