A Girl Like Her Movie Review

A Girl Like Her, movie, movie review, review, movie theater, documentary, teen, bullying, Michigan
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My daughters and I watched the movie A Girl Like Her over the weekend. The movie is filmed like a documentary, portraying typical teenagers. As you watch the story unfold you realize what a serious problem bullying can become. The main characters are Avery, Jessica, and Brian. You get to see the two girls point of view, along with the best friend who wishes he would have done or said something sooner.
Lexi Ainsworth as Sophomore Jessica Burns in "A Girl Like Her."
Flashbacks show Jessica being bullied by Avery. It made me sad to see the moments when Jessica was happy, and then Avery would say something to her or text her, and it would completely break her down. You also see what happens to everyone afterward, as they try to cope with Jessica being in a coma at the hospital.
Hunter King is the popular student, Avery Keller in "A Girl Like Her."
I could tell that a point was made to show Avery's family life. Avery said several times she didn't have anything against Jessica and that she was just joking around with her. But, as she was watching the hidden camera video footage of herself she started crying. You could tell that she regretted her actions and felt sorry for what she had done to Jessica.

I liked that this movie gave myself and my husband an excellent opportunity to talk to our daughters about suicide and bullying. In my opinion, this film is for teens and adults because it has some swearing and shows a girl attempting suicide by taking a handful of pills.
Another thing I liked about this movie is that it was filmed in Michigan and written and directed by a Michigan native. One of my daughter's theater friends was an extra in it.

You can find the movie showing in the following local theaters this week. See it now because it may not be in theaters much longer.
Southfield 20 Southfield, MI
Forum 30 - Sterling Hts Sterling Heights, MI
Southgate Cinema 20 Southgate, MI
Livonia 20 Livonia, MI
A Girl Like Her, movie, movie review, review, movie theater, documentary, teen, bullying, Michigan
L to R: Actress Hunter King, Actor Jimmy Bennett, Writer-Director Amy S. Weber, Actress Lexi Ainsworth
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