Extra Long & Wide Ombre Hair Extension Review

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I was given the hair extension in exchange for an honest review from Tomoson. All opinions are 100% my own. This blog post contains affiliate links.
My oldest daughter is always dying her hair funky colors. I let her have one streak in her hair at a time. I thought it would be fun for her to try these ombre hair #extensions. So, I was excited to get them for her to check out.

Since the extensions have 5 clips, it makes it super easy to put them on, and hold it in place securely. This extension is made by high quality synthetic hair which can be washed and dried. It is 60cm (24 inches) long and (25cm 10 inches) wide, one set will be enough for full head. This is not meant to fit a child's head, since it's wide. Also, you can cut the hair any size that you would like.
I cut my daughters to be a little longer than her natural hair. I didn't do the best job cutting it. The extension we received had very little of an ombre effect.

Would I recommend these #extensions? I would if you needed them for a costume, or a party. They weren't great for the effect that I was looking for on my daughter. They didn't flow nicely with her hair.

You can purchase your very own extra long & wide ombre hair extensions by visiting http://boutiquelovin.com/ombre-hair-extension-turquoise.html.



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