How to Tighten Your Chin

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How to Tighten Your Chin

How to tighten your chin! Now that I've hit 41, I have noticed that my chin has a turkey waddle. Ugh! I hate it. Those pictures people snap when you're not posed in the correct way. You have chins you didn't even know existed! Just like any other muscle in your body, there are lots of great exercises to tighten your chin. Now, it's like anything else. Muscles don't happen overnight; they take time and patience. I recommend taking before and after pictures of your waddle so you can see your progress. That way you won't become discouraged.
  1. Look up at the ceiling, tip your head slightly back. Pretend like you're kissing the ceiling or making fishy faces at the ceiling. Slowly work your way up to 30 per day. Set this part as a daily routine. I do this after I floss every day. The kissing exercise will slowly tighten the chin. Make sure you feel the area stretching.
  2. This one is my favorite because I can see it tighten my chin. Push your bottom teeth forward past your lips. You will see all of your neck muscles working. Work your way up to 30 reps.
  3. Place the palm of your hand under your chin. Push your chin against your hand as resistance. This exercise is also a great neck exercise. Trying doing 15 to start.
  4. Another great exercise for your chin is chewing gum. I know gum isn't great for you but, in my opinion, it's a better option than saggy skin.
  5. My last tip is to make a pouty face. Stick out your lower lip like you're pouting and hold it for ten seconds and release and repeat.

Home Remedies for Double Chin

As I mentioned above, chewing sugar-free gum is a great natural way to work those jaw muscles. So, click on the above picture to pick up some gum!

 Cocoa Butter is fabulous at tightening skin. In fact, I used it with both of my pregnancies, and I ended up with no stretch marks on my stomach or chest. All you have to do is massage a small dab under your chin daily. Pick up some here!

Wheat Germ Oil can be massaged into your skin and left overnight to help improve a double chin. The longer this oil is used the better your results! You can purchase wheat germ oil from this link!

Whichever product or method you choose with a little time and patience you should be able to tighten your chin!



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