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Can you imagine living in a developing country where you're at high risk of dying giving birth to your child? Can you even comprehend having to give your child unsanitary drinking water? Imagine what it would be like to be married at the age of twelve. These are a few things we take for granted in the USA. The Mother & Child Project compiled by Hope Through Healing Hands really got me thinking how God has blessed my life and how I need to help others that are less fortunate than I.

Did you know that 300,000 women die each year due to complications with pregnancy? These women have no prenatal care and give birth without any help from a doctor. Can you believe that 80% of these deaths were needless? These women could have been saved if they had access to a hospital.

This book is filled with stories of people helping these developing countries. It really made me think about my two birth stories. Would I have survived the birth without the help of a doctor? Find out what I think!

My daughter Faith was suppose to be an easy delivery. I was going to the chiropractor 3 times a week and, due to the adjusting, he promised me a smooth delivery. When I did go into labor, at 38 weeks, my water broke sending me to the hospital. I was immediately given medication to increase my contractions. This went on for 12 hours. It was to the point that I didn't have a break in between contractions and I was only still dilated to a 4. Finally, the doctors decided something needed to be done. They wheeled me in for a C-section because they thought Faith wouldn't fit through my pelvis. If we had lived in a developing country I might have lost Faith or even my own life.

My daughter Keira was scheduled for a C-section. The doctors had been trying to talk me into a vaginal birth after a C-section. This is becoming more and more common, but there is a slight chance of your uterus rupturing potentially killing you and your child. I had a very bad feeling about going that route. While I was having my C-section, I heard the doctors whispering that there wasn't much left of my uterus and they were thankful I didn't go into labor on my own. I knew I had felt off. Keira was a 9 pound baby and my uterus just felt so heavy. I'm so glad I trusted my instincts. Anyway, we were told not to have anymore children because it could kill me. A few days later, I developed a soft ball sized mass in my stomach and a very high fever. I was able to recover, but I definitely wouldn't have survived without the wonderful medical attention I received at the hospital. I'm so grateful for my two beautiful blessings.

Women in these developing countries are suffering. The highest mortality rates are coming from very young girls giving birth. Their bodies are not meant to be having babies when they are babies themselves. Another factor to consider, these women are honored by their communities the more children they have. It is very dangerous for a women to have babies that are not spaced apart. When women don't wait two years before the next child they're at very high risk for complications. Children that aren't spaced have low birth weights and a much higher chance of not making it. This on top of not having access to medical attention.

There are lots of great organizations going into these developing countries to train the natives. They're teaching them the importance of child spacing, birth control, how to boil water, and so many more things that help them survive. These people lack basic essentials, vaccinations, and many other things that we take for granted.

This book made me passionate on this subject. I know my church does mission trips and I'm feeling the calling to help moms and children. I can't believe that in this day and age that some women don't have the choice of spacing their children. Child spacing saves money because it allows the mother to continue her education and better herself. It makes her stronger for the children she does have.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it's very interesting! It made me really passionate about these women and children that I wasn't aware of. The more we educate these developing countries the more woman and children will live. These are moms just like us that love their children. Mothers that watch their little ones suffer. In fact, I know that some of these countries don't even name their child until they're at least a year old because so many of them don't get the chance to live. 

So, if you're feeling passionate about this, like I am, I recommend picking this up at Family Christian!

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