No Stove Summer Dinner Hacks

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Stephanie and I were invited on WXYZ for "No Stove Summer Dinner Hacks".  We reviewed several items to make this hot summer a little cooler. You don't have to heat up your house to make dinner for your family. These little hacks can make dinner time a little easier, too. Check out the video of our appearance below.

  • You can make lots of snacks with virtually no heating of your house. 
  • Dehydrators help preserve the nutrients in food.
  • Make fruit roll-ups, fruit crisps, veggie chips, yogurt, jerky, pizza, and much more.
  • It has 5 trays with plenty of space to make all kinds of your favorite foods at once.
IMUSA Empanada Maker
  • It bakes empanadas in 3-4 minutes.
  • You can use a variety of doughs including jiffy cornbread mix, pancake mix, phyllo dough, and crescent roll dough.
  • Bake a healthy version of an authentic empanada.
  • It seals the pastry dough, melts fillings, and bakes the crust to a golden brown.
  • Also available at Target for $39.99.
Krups Egg Cooker
  • Boils up to 7 eggs at a time.
  • You can make hard-boiled, poached, and individual omelettes.
  • Audible sound when eggs are finished cooking.
T-Fal Opti-Grill
  • This one of a kind grill will not heat up your home and you don't have to stand outside either!
  • Six different cooking programs: burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausage and pork, red meat and fish
  • Sensor cooking adapts to the thickness of food and lets you know when your meat is done just how you like it, from rare to well done.
  • It will even defrost meats.
Veestro Meal Delivery
  • This is a plant-based meal delivery service. It is high in protein and fiber.
  • It is delivered to your door and most items you just pop in the microwave for a few minutes.
  • Tasty and makes dinner or lunch a breeze.
Bauli Mini Croissants
  • This smaller, bite-sized dessert is only 50 calories a pop.
  • These handy, ready-to-eat croissants don’t require turning on the oven.
  • Even better, they are made with no hydrogenated fats.
  • Available in both vanilla custard and chocolate cream.
Which no stove summer dinner hack would you like to try?



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