The Zoomance at the Detroit Zoo

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We received free tickets to this event. No other compensation was given. All opinions are 100% my own.

Stephanie and I attended the Zoomance last week at the Detroit Zoo. It was our third time attending. As always, it was a great time at this 21 and up event. Enjoy the pictures!
 Stephanie spotted this Jenga game made out of 2x4's. I had never played, but I was in for a treat.

Here I am thinking about my next move and trying to use only one hand.
We knew it was getting close to tipping. The people working at the Zoo advised us that we had made the biggest tower that they've seen. Yes, I was the one that knocked it over.
A lovely new friend colored with breathtaking colors!
Stephanie thought the frog prince could use a little something to drink.
Hey, I think this penguin could use a little eyebrow threading!
This cute little orange frog was singing beautiful melodies.
Finally, on the way out we ran into this handsome bear and a blogger friend and her husband.

See you next year at the Zoomance at the Detroit Zoo!

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