Blossom Menstrual Cup Review

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I received this item to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own. This blog post contains affiliate links. #blossomcup
I'm not a happy camper when it comes to my period. But, I'm sure that most women feel the same way.  I was excited to check out the Blossom Menstrual Cup because I felt it was more of a natural way to deal with the monthly devil. I imagined no more worrying about making sure I had tampons on me because the Blossom Menstrual Cup is all I would need. Plus, I would be saving some money.
Our Blossom Menstrual cups are engineered for both functionality and comfort as the future of feminine protection in the menstrual cups industry. Using the blossom menstrual cup encourages the woman to know and keep track of her cycles and she is no longer caught by surprise. The woman, who may also suffer from menstrual cramps, also becomes more familiar with her cycle and the needs of her body. Her sense of femininity increases because she is not in denial nor is this part of her considered dirty anymore, just a part of her body natural cycle. Unlike other cloth sanitary napkins, tampons and menstrual pads, we have, hands down, the most ecological, safe, reusable, economical alternative to organic tampons and cloth menstrual napkins. The blossom menstrual cup is better than even the most earth friendly pad or Tampax because there is no waste to dispose of. It is the most earth friendly of all options when it comes to caring for your body and needs. The Blossom Menstrual cup works by being inserted into your  body the same way an organic tampon or a Tampax tampon is and then it is removed by pulling at the stem bit the way you would pull a tampon string. The contents are disposable into the toilet and the cup can then be re-inserted. Caring for your blossom Menstrual cup is also very easy. Simply wash with water during use and washed with soap and using hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. You can also boil it for 5 minutes to sterilize completely. You can then store your Blossom Menstrual Cups at room temperature in a dry state until it is again needed. The blossom menstrual cup is easy to use, softer, and pliable with superior protection. So go ahead and choose the better way. Choose the Blossom cup.

    EFFECTIVE, NON-INVASIVE, AFFORDABLE: World's BEST KEPT SECRET - TRY a Simple Age-Old Technique of Collecting your Menstrual with our Blossom Silicone Menstrual Cups for a Small Fraction of the Cost of regular pads, tampons, organic pads, cloth pads, or even instead soft cup.

    YOU WILL LOVE THE DRAMATIC RESULTS: That will help you decrease your flow and even get less Menstrual cramps because our Blossom Menstrual cups are natural and will not Interfere with our body natural flow but instead collect and even help you measure how much you are bleeding per each menstrual cycle. IT WORKS or YOUR MONEY BACK! CLICK the "Add to Cart" button to SECURE YOUR BLOSSOM MENSTRUAL CUP NOW!
    VERSATILE: You can use it anywhere, from swimming to Hiking or just sleeping overnight. Our Blossom Menstrual cup will need to be changed twice on the light days and maybe 4 times a day on the heavy menstrual days. This will depend on your individual menstrual flow.
    HIGH QUALITY: Our Menstrual Cups are made of 100% BPA-FREE FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone. Not Rubber or Plastic! SAFE, Reusable, Long-Lasting, Effective. FREE BONUS: Quality hygiene pouch Case, Instruction Guide & Lasts up to 15 years of regular use!
    COST EFFECTIVE: Save Money and Care for the Environment - No more expensive Tampons and Sanitary Napkins to end up as landfill. One Menstrual Cup per cycle vs. 22 tampons or Sanitary Napkins per period. More economical than the Divacup, Moon Cup or Lunette cup!
What did I think of the Blossom Menstrual Cup? I read the instructions six times so I would have it down when it came time for lights, camera, action. Let me tell you it was like vagina wrestling to get the cup out. It was not like simply pulling a tampon string. Oh no, I was starting to panic that I would have to go to the OB doctor and tell them that I was doing a review and couldn't get it out. It was also very messy and gross. I will stick with the tampons, thank you very much. I actually spent 20 minutes laughing about the wrestling match afterwards. 

I think this product would be perfect for a penny pincher that doesn't mind getting a little bloody. Or, for someone that wants to be green and is worried about their environmental footprint. 

Have you ever tried a menstrual cup?



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