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I received this game in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links. #tacticgames 
We love games nights, so I rounded up my co-blogger and her daughter to check out the game Family Alias By Tactic Games! Alias is a game where you can't use the actual word, but you can use clues or synonym words to make your partner guess what you're trying to describe. 
The game contains family cards and adult cards. Don't worry the adult cards are PG-rated, but they're harder to figure out than the family cards. We mostly just played from the family deck since they were easier. You spin and whomever the pointer lands on is your partner. You will have one minute to get your partner to guess from the list of questions. You move on the board the same amount of spaces that you guess correctly and so does your partner.
When you're close to the end the game rules change. The gray circles mean you can guess on anyone's turn and steal answers. Loudness and extreme fun start to ensue as everyone gets closer to ending the game. The first person that finishes wins, but the game doesn't end until everyone gets to the grey circles.

Would I recommend Alias By Tactic Games? Yes, we had a blast. It was fun watching the kids try to figure out how to describe items. Some of the ways they explained things were related to shows and movies that they enjoy. This game is recommended for 7 years and up. Our girls are nine. At times, we had to help them a little bit with a word or the definition. This could be used as a learning game. If you do buy this game for a 7-year-old be prepared to help them a little bit. 

You can pick this game up on Amazon. Grab it for some LOL holiday fun. I'm very glad that we own it!



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