Fun Outdoor Activities

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I'm not going to lie! I'm pretty much over the quarantine, and I've been back to normal as much as possible. Yes, I'm still wearing a mask when I go to the grocery store. Restaurants in Michigan opened this week. Yesterday, we went out to dinner. I thought for sure everywhere would be crowded. I was surprised to find that that's not the case at all. Lots of people are still staying at home. I'm all about doing what you feel comfortable with. So, I thought I would bring you some fun outdoor activities to keep the whole family entertained for those that are choosing to stay close to home.

Fun Outdoor Activites

If you're a fan of Jenga, you will LOVE this outdoor game. I originally played it at the Detroit Zoo and fell in love! Especially when you make a tower taller than you are, and it comes crashing down! 

Have the whole family laughing with glee with this dice set. I love the erasable board, so you will never have to worry about running out of paper!  This game will bring a lot of family-friendly fun!

My favorite and only good memories in gym class are from playing with the parachute. I remember it was so much fun holding it up and going under! Now you can experience those fun moments at home. Can I come over and play?

Why would you play dodgeball when you can throw a burrito at each other? This looks like so much fun! The burritos are made of foam, so there will be no tears from getting hit, maybe just tears from being the big loser!

This is a game even your dog will try to take part in. Well, my dog used to love batting the pins with her paw. This game can be played indoors or out. The pins have sand in them, so they stay upright, which is perfect for playing outside! Strike!

Playing games is a hobby of mine. I feel like it brings you closer together. I'm going to get dorky and say if you play together, you stay together! So, check out these fun outdoor activities.

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