13-Year-Old Morons

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Morons, teenagers can make some bad choices! What makes teenagers such morons? I'm so serious about this subject. My daughter has put me through so much this week, and my husband came to the conclusion they are simply morons. Yes, I love my child, but the decisions she makes are plain old stupid.

I see so many parents giving their kids freedom, allowing them to make adult decisions when they're a CHILD. Parents claiming they're being who they need to be. Yes, they do need to be who they need to be but NOT WHILE THEY ARE A CHILD. While they're a kid, they mentally do not have the capacity to make adult decisions. Don't allow them to be morons. 

My daughter did have access to YouTube until this week. I found she was looking at things no 13-year-old should have seen. Our kids are growing up fast thanks to the Internet, years before they need to. Little eyes do not need to feast on adult matters. Life is short enough without our kids diving head first into the world they don't understand. I've learned the "cool thing" in the 13-year-old moron world is saying they like either sex and don't identify with either gender! Yes, moron. At this age, most of them have not even ventured into even becoming a woman or a man. How can you say what you are when you don't have hormones to drive you? Yes, I know they're  exclusions to this rule, but I'm saying generally speaking.

My point in 13-year-olds are morons; you need to become a snoop! I trusted my daughter 100% until someone brought it to my attention. Boy were my eyes awakened. I was disgusted and was sick for days. Make sure you put those restrictions on ALL ELECTRONICS, snoop. Do not feel guilty about it, you're parenting!. I turned off all apps, and now all texts are sent to my phone as well as hers. When it comes to the Internet, you can't be too safe. 

What kind of restrictions do you place on your child?



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