Christmas Craft Gift Idea

Christmas Craft Gift idea, Oriental Trading,
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I love crafting even though half the time my creations don't always turn out as expected. I came up with this Christmas Craft Gift Idea that I thought would be cute to decorate your own home or your could make a little set to giveaway as a gift!

Frosted Bottle Vases
Wood Carved Candy Canes
Gold Baker's Twin (1 roll for the large frosted vase)
Geranium Bunch (3)
Hot Glue Gun


1. Heat up your glue gun and have your bottle and string ready.

2. Place a few dabs of hot glue at the base of the bottle to hold the string in place. Then start wrapping the string around the bottle.

3. Once you get near the top of the vase, the string wants to fall a bit. To hold things in place, use your hot glue gun as needed.

4. Keep wrapping the string until you're happy with the looks. I used the whole roll. When finished, hot glue the end to the bottle.

5. Now, it's time to add your bling! I used the small wooden candy cane to add some Christmas charm. I added the leftover wooden candy canes to my Christmas tree as decorations. They're so many different fun things you can add. I even played around with some ribbon and charms but decided I liked the candy canes the best.

6. Add some flowers! I love red, so I picked out these gorgeous geraniums. I used three bunches of the flowers.

Christmas Craft Gift Idea, Oriental Trading,

This is such a straightforward and fun Christmas craft gift idea. You can let your imagination run wild. For more ideas visit Oriental Trading for all of your crafting needs!

Do you give crafts at Christmas gifts?



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