8 Practical Home Heating Hacks That Can Keep You Warm and Comfy

Keeping a house cozy and comfy during the winter season is not cheap. Everyone is looking for ways to keep energy bills down without sacrificing the warmth and heat.

If you are one of the many who wanted to save money (who wouldn’t) this winter season, here are tips and advice that you could follow. Each and every one of them can surely help keep your house warm and comfortable without cranking up energy consumption.

Capture the heat from hot water/bath shower.

Don’t drain the hot water IMMEDIATELY after you shower or after a bath. Instead, let the hot water sit and cool slowly at your bathroom or tub. This will allow the heat in the water to warm up the room a bit. It can also add up some humidity that your home needs during the winter season.

Allow direct sunlight to enter your home.

Pull back the curtains and blinds when the sun goes up in the middle of the day. Let the direct sunlight in as it can add up some heat and warm your home. This can be pretty useful if you have south or west facing windows. Just make sure to put back the curtains and blinds when the sun goes down to trap the heat inside your house.

Use your oven wisely.

After baking delicious cookies in your oven, don’t close its door immediately. Leave it open for a while until it cools off. The heat coming from your oven can add some warmth to your room. Aside from that, it can surely make your kitchen and its adjoining rooms smell so delicious.

Use your ceiling fan wisely.

Set your ceiling fan blades to rotate in the opposite direction. This setting will draw the cold air upward while letting the hot air to rise and spread in your home. This can effectively help in keeping a more desirable and comfortable room temperature.

Use zone heating.

Turn the heat down in areas where you spend less time and turn the heat up in areas where you spend most of your time. Close the doors of unused rooms to keep the heat in areas where you and your family members stays most of the time.

Use programmable thermostat wisely.

One of the most efficient ways to save money during winter season is by utilizing a programmable thermostat. With this, you can set the temperature to a comfortable level when you are home and lower the heat down when you are away. You can also set it to increase temperature 20 minutes before you arrive home.

Close the gaps, cracks and holes.

Inspect your doors and windows for possible gaps, cracks, and holes. Seal them properly to avoid outside weather affect your home temperature. It’s also advisable to install weather stripping around the edges of your exterior door.

Dress warmly to fight the cold.

Put the appropriate clothes on during winter season. Use winter accessories such as gloves and mittens to keep yourself warm even inside your home. Drinking hot beverages (coffee, chocolate or tea) can surely help too!

These tips and advice can give you warmth that you need in winter months. They are very practical, cost-effective and most important of all, easy to do and follow.

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