How to Save Money For Vacation

How to save Money for vacation, vacation, travel, traveling on a budget
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I recently heard on the news about the incredible benefits of taking your family on vacation. So, I thought I would bring you some of my tried and true tips on how to save money for vacation.

My family and I usually take a one-week vacation preferably to somewhere warm each year and then a few weekend trips somewhere locally.

We love our time together as a family. It's a time for us to put our electronics and distractions away and really enjoy the sights and sounds of someplace new.

When I heard that traveling with your family is not only an excellent education but helps bond your family together stronger. I realized why I've always loved traveling with my family.

I'm not that mom that can't wait to get away from my kids. When I do go away without them, I feel like a part of me is missing.

How to Save Money For Vacation

How to save money for vacation, travel, budgeting, creative ways to save money, budget ideas to save money

  1. Give up your fancy coffee drinks and opt to make coffee at home!
  2. Quit eating out! Premake your meals so you will lose the urge to eat out when you're hungry.
  3. Save on gas by walking when possible.
  4. Keep your income tax returns for travel (if you receive money back).
  5. Use coupons and set a weekly grocery budget. I feed a family of four on $100 a week.
  6. Set up a travel bank account and don't touch it until it's vacation time.
  7. Skip the gym membership and workout at home. There are tons of great workouts on YouTube.
  8. Give up the cable and opt for Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  9. Consider freelance work! You could walk a neighbor dog, babysit, whatever you're talented at.
  10. Shop on Ebay or bargain hunt for deals for clothing.
You don't have to kill yourself saving for a vacation, but you do need to make small lifestyle changes. These minor changes will be minuscule compared to the fabulous memories you will make!

How do you save for vacation?



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