Are You Ready to Be a Ninjago Warrior?

LEOG, Ninjano Warrior
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      LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan has just opened a brand new attraction.  Are you ready for Ninjago Training Camp?  Ninjas of all ages are welcome to practice their skills in the outer reaches of Ninja Camp.  There are four skills that every warrior must master.

  Level 1: Precision Training.  Test your speed and accuracy by matching the ever quickening light pattern on the training wall.  Can you remember the pattern?  Complete the series in the shortest time, and you move on to level 2.

     Level 2: Laser  Maze Challenge.  New trainees to ninja camp must test their calm, physical agility and resolve.  One by one, each potential ninja must enter the laser maze alone.  Carefully pass through the maze without touching the laser beams that stretch across the maze's pathway.  Don't take too long!  While your ability to move through the maze without setting off the laser is great, everyone outside is watching the posted stopwatch.  Be the fastest in your group or go through again and beat your best time!

     Level 3: Reaction Training- The Buzz Mountain Challenge.  This mountain in made of twisting and turning metal wire.  Only the most skilled ninja trainee can keep his or her wand from tripping the wire and setting off the buzzer.  It takes skill and patience for all ages.

     Level 4: Build a Ninja Camp.  Congratulations !  You've made it through Lego Ninjago Training Camp.  It's time to do what you do best, and that's built with the Lego building blocks we've all come to love.  Working as a team with your fellow Ninjago warriors, you can create a Lego Camp against a  backdrop unique to the Ninjago building sets and storyline.

     The Ninjago Training Camp is open to visitors of all ages and unlike some of the other LEGOLAND Discovery Center attractions, does not have a height restriction.  While all of the levels can be done by a child of any age, if your child has a fear of the dark, the maze section may be difficult for a child and parent to accomplish together with any level of accuracy.  It's all in good fun and if keeping that it mind, Ninjago Training Camp is just one more great way to spend time exploring and enjoying the many worlds of Lego.

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