Fidget Toys for Autism

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Fidget toys are all of the rage at school right now! But did you know that fidget toys for autism, anxiety, stress relief, or just for fun, are pretty easy to find?

I know some moms are going crazy trying to get their hands on them!

Fidget toys help with sensory overload that kids with autism experience. They work great in school because having the toy allows the child to focus on what is in front of them so they can concentrate better.

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Fidget Toys for Autism

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There are tons of fidget toys to choose from, but right now the fidget toy spinners are flying off the shelves everywhere.

Both of my daughters suffer from anxiety and asked for a fidget toy. I don't think that either one of them realizes what they're used for but everyone else at school has one, so I need one too!

Each fidget toy differs so make sure you check them out.

Here are some different options if your child already has the spinner or needs something different.

Today, my oldest was driving me nutty playing with the heat controls in my van. I had her take out her fidget toy and mess with that.

Fidget toys for autism are fantastic tools for dealing with sensory overload!

What tools do you use for sensory overload?



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