How to Save Energy While Swimming

How to save energy while swimming
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I'm a terrible swimmer. I could probably swim enough to save my life, but I'm sure I would tire out and then possibly drown. So, I wanted to look up some tips on how to conserve energy while swimming. This frankly could save you or your child's life so you ought to keep on reading!

How to Save Energy While Swimming

  1. When you're kicking your legs, keep your movements small instead of large. This will help you kick longer.
  2. Keep your head in line with your body. Don't hold your head in the water. Instead look down. This will cause your body to work less.
  3. Swim on your sides more. The muscle in these areas allows you to swim longer.
  4. When your face is in the water exhale slowly and continually. This allows your body to relax.
  5. Learn proper swimming techniques from Aqua-Tots. When you aren't using good swimming skills, you will run out of steam quickly!
  6. When you become fatigued rollover and float on your back. Your chest is the buyont part on your body.
  7. Find a rhythm that works for you. If you're swimming too fast, you will be out of breath and out of steam in no time. Relax, slow and steady will keep you alive longer.
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Do you have any energy saving techniques that you would add to my list?

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