7 Summer Home Improvements You Can Start Today

There are lots of home improvement projects you can do this summer. Some are quite easy and inexpensive to do while some requires great amount of time and budget.

Below are some of the most basic ones that every homeowner must tackle as soon as the hot weather arrives. These projects are quite important to keep the house cool and function at its best this summertime.

Summer Home Improvement Tips

Repair any kind of damage

Inspect your home and check for any signs of damage that needs repair. Check your roof and siding for possible damages inflicted by winter storms and cold weather from the past few months. Give your attic and basement a visit and inspect for possible mold and mildew buildup. If you experienced water leak from the past months, call professional help so they can do a thorough inspection of your house and fix the root cause of the problem.

Clean gutters and downspouts

After the cruel winter months, expect your gutters and downspouts to be jammed with leaves and other debris. Clean them out to avoid untoward damages and incidents incase heavy rainfall occurs at the midst of summer. You can do this fairly easy but if you don’t have the time or the tools to do so, hiring someone to do the job is your best option.

Paint exterior wall

Give your exterior wall a face lift by painting it with a brand new color. Just make sure to repair any kind of damages and sand off rough edges before you start splashing the new paint color. If you are feeling creative, check out Pinterest and other social media sites for artistic exterior wall color inspiration.

Insulate your home

Check your home’s insulation and see if there are parts that need repair or replacement. Check your attic and make sure that its properly insulated before the summer heat takes its peak. You don’t want crawling at this space when the temperature is at its highest so better do it now as summertime approaches.

Check your cooling appliances

Make sure that your air conditioner as well as your ceiling fans and other cooling appliances is at their tip top condition. Test them out and see if they are running smoothly without any weird sounds or noise. If you notice something is not right, call for professional help immediately so they can be fixed before the peak of summer heat arrives.

Improve your garden and lawn

Start planting flowers, plants and trees at your garden or lawn. Although they might not grow immediately, planting them at the start of summer season could be very beneficial in the long run. Aside from that, gardening is quite a good hobby to have this summer, right?

Do major home improvement projects

If you wanted to do some major renovation inside your house, let’s say you wanted to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, summertime is the best time for that. With the dry weather around, it’s easy to move around and get things done.

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