7 Must Do Home Maintenance Tasks That You Might Be Ignoring

When it comes to home maintenance, some homeowner thinks it’s just about de-cluttering and organization. They believe that it is only about making the house look clean and feel good.

Home maintenance is more than just that. It also involves checking, repairing and replacement of parts in different areas of the house. It also involves some of the below important tasks that many might have ignored for a while.

7 Must Do Home Maintenance Tasks That You Might Be Ignoring For A While

Roof cleaning and maintenance

Getting the roof clean must be a top priority of every homeowner. It also must be checked for possible holes or damages especially after a severe weather condition. Check for possible leaks that can cause bigger problem and damages at the structure of the house. If it’s beyond repair, replace it as soon as possible.

Air conditioner service

Clean the filters regularly. Check the drainage for possible clogging. Clean the coils on a regular basis as well. It’s also a good option to hire the professionals to do the task.

Inspect fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers have an expiration date. Make sure to check the date out and see if it needs replacement. If not, check out the pressure gauge and make sure it’s still in good condition. Make sure to place the extinguishers in an accessible place.

Inspect smoke detectors

Test and check your smoke alarms regularly. Smoke detector batteries must be replaced at least twice a year.

Check the refrigerator

Schedule a once a month deep cleaning of your fridge. It won’t take a lot of time to do this so make sure to set it. Aside from keeping your food inside the fridge clean, a clean refrigerator also consumes less energy thus a lower energy bill.

Garage cleaning

Although it’s not located inside your house, your garage is also a big part of your home. Make sure to clean it up every once in a while. Remove any old/unused items that you might have. Repair the stuff that needs to be fixed like those cabinet hinges, handles and knobs.

Check your emergency preparedness kit.

Take out all the items in your kit. See if any items need to be thrown out (wear out, expired) and what needs to be replenished. Check your batteries and the flashlight if they are still working. The same thing goes with your first aid kit.

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