Eliminate Household Odors Naturally

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I have two dogs, a teenager, a tween, and a husband. So you can probably imagine that our home gets a little smelly. I have to be extremely careful how we rid of odors in our home because certain smells will send my asthmatic daughter into a full blown asthma attack. I'm geeked that I've found that I can eliminate household odors naturally with Febreze One Fabric and Air Mist which is now available at Meijer stores!

Eliminate Household Odors Naturally

So, I sat down and thought about the most smelly areas of my home and where I could use Febreze One Fabric and Air Mist to eliminate household odors naturally. The first place that came to mind was my dog, Izzy. No, we didn't Febreze her, but after a good romp in the mud some days, I would like to. She's the type of dog that as soon as you give her a bath, she's going to find a dirty place to roll around.

I used Febreze One on her bed. The first thing that I noticed was the scent of the bamboo was not overpowering but light and would not affect my daughter or me. You see the cool thing about this product is there are no aerosols, no dyes, nor any heavy perfumes. Yay! Immediately, after spraying Izzy's bedding, my house felt fresher.

The next gross place I wanted to attack with Febreze One Fabric and Air mist was my teen's dirty room. Yes, I've decided that most teenagers are gross especially mine. It doesn't help that she has a gecko and keeps crickets in her room. Crickets are smelly creatures. So, in I went with Febreze One Orchid to freshen up her linens and make her room smell a little cleaner.

Since there are no heavy perfumes, you may not even notice the scent, but you will notice that everything feels better.

Eliminate Household Odors Naturally, DIY, Meijer, sprays, smells, natural,

You can purchase Febreze One Fabric & Air Mist at your local Meijer stores. I'm so happy that I discovered this product due to my daughter's asthma! If you're looking for a more natural way to freshen up your home look no further than Febreze One!

Where can you use a little freshening up in your home?



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