Angry Birds 2 Review

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Those crazy cute birds are back again for round two in Angry Birds 2. Is this film worth seeing? I'm going to give you my 100% honest opinion. Yes, Mom Among Chaos is going to fill you in.

Angry Birds 2 Review

To be honest, I didn't love the first Angry Birds movie, so my expectations were not set high. Let's just say I was pleasantly surprised with Angry Birds 2!

In Angry Birds 2, the flightless birds and the green pigs must work together to battle a bigger evil when both of their islands are put at risk. Will the pigs and birds be able to put their differences aside to save their homes? You will just have to see the movie to find out. 

This movie is loaded with an all-star cast! Including Jason Sudekis as Red and Rachel Bloom as Silver. I dare you to listen to voices and see if you can guess who the celebrities are.

I was so surprised by this movie. It held my attention the whole entire time and had me laughing also marveling in the vibrancy of the film. The colors were gorgeous, and I wanted to reach out and cuddle the birds and piggies. Also, the water is stunning. It made me feel like I was on a tropical island.

The characters were larger than life. They had prominent personalities each and every one of them. I think my two favorites were Bomb and Silver. Oh wait, let's not forget the babies. They're so cute, and I loved their little voices. 

I laughed, my heart was touched, and my creative senses were filled from the magic on the screen. 

My husband and I both gave this film a four. I thought it was well done. My teens weren't as impressed. I think this film is perfect for eleven and under. Don't worry parents this is a film that will also entertain you as well. So, go to see it with your children. This is the BEST children's film that I've seen this summer. Yes, better than Lion King and Aladdin. 



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