Thor Ragnarok Movie Review

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Mom Among Chaos received free tickets to this event. All opinions are my own. This blog contains ads. Thor Ragnarok Movie Review.
My husband was giddy with excitement when I ended up receiving tickets to preview Thor Ragnarok! It's his birthday week, and this was one of his items on the list of things he wanted to do. Would I recommend this film? Keep reading and find out!

Thor Ragnarok Movie Review

In this film, Thor is trapped far from home and is being held, hostage. Thor must battle in a deadly match against his long-time pal, Hulk. Hulk is a buddy of Thor's and a fellow Avenger. In the meantime, Thor's crazy sister Hela is trying to destroy the world! Will Thor survive?

Let's just begin by saying this movie is full of Thor eye candy. He is one built hero. Thor Ragnarok caught and held my attention for the entire 2 hours and 20 minutes. I did not even want to get up to use the restroom.

This movie is full of fantastic special effects, humor, and cool fighting scenes. It's a typical Marvel film, but Marvel seems to be getting better with each movie that comes out. The humor was spot-on!

I tend to be a harsh movie rater. I give this film 3.5 out of 5 stars. It was simply entertaining. 

My husband LOVED the film! He loved every single thing about it. He thought the special effects were perfect, along with the humor and action sequences. It was everything that he enjoys in a film, and he rated it five stars.

Thor Ragnarok is rated PG-13. I think this film would be excellent for most kids over the age of ten. I don't remember hearing foul language, and the scenes aren't super gory. If your child has viewed the other Thor films, I think Thor Ragnarok would be excellent for them to see.

Grab your tickets for this weekend if you are a Marvel fan. You will be in for a treat.



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