5 Things on Friday 1/19/18

I've had a crazy week. I start feeling exhausted if I don't get my eight hours of sleep. I've had two late nights this week, and I will explain why.

1. I had my annual mammogram this week. This time it came back normal. Last year was my first mammogram, so I had to go back three times so they could make sure I was healthy. I was so thankful that this time it was cleared in one visit.

2. I'm enjoying going to church events more and more as I get to know people better. Last night I had MOPS/Next. I enjoyed chit-chatting and coloring.

3. We didn't check the weather before we went to the barn earlier this week. It usually takes us 45 minutes to get to the barn, and due to the snow, it took us an hour and a half. Plus, we took Keira to visit her friend 5 minutes from the barn. It was an odd night. When we were in the car, we saw a massive flash of light. I saw red out of the corner of my eye, and that's when we experienced the meteor. I usually don't like going out during the week due to getting up at 4:30 AM, but I needed to love on some horses. We didn't get home until late and 4:30 came way too soon.

4. Both girls have had midterms all week. The high school has had multiple half days so today I was able to have a one on one lunch date with Faith. It was nice. I raced home and snoozed for an hour and then headed to the craft store with my friend Bonnie. I've been trying to prep a bit for a crafting weekend I'm going on.

5. My heart broke recently. The barn that we go too is a beautiful place. The owner does a ton of rescue work. Back in the summer, she rehomed a beautiful, happy and healthy horse. Not before she thoroughly checked out the new home and owner. Our barn owner checked on the rehomed horse and noticed it wasn't being fed and tried to get them to give her the horse back. The lady refused and after a month of trying the lady finally said come get your horse. There was nothing left of this mare. She had been starved. She came home and died. It broke my heart. Who could be so cruel and not care for these loving animals? Or, any animal? I think I need to start following after my daughter and become a vegetarian.

How was your week?



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