Navigating Parenthood: The Veteran's Edition

Navigating Parenhood: The Veteran's Edition, Metro Detroit, families, kids, military families
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Parenting is one of life’s most rewarding experiences, but it can also be one of the most challenging opportunities any of us will face. From diapers to degrees, children look to their parents for any number of things—love, support, advice, and sometimes, maybe even a little extra money. Just as life is full of unexpected twists and turns, so too is raising a child to be a successful and loving individual.

Of all the things that can make parenting even more chaotic than it is by default, being an active service member or a veteran can make things even more complex. From extended, deployment-related absences to difficulties readjusting to civilian life, service changes a person and their loved ones in ways that most civilians could not imagine.

According to the 2015 US Census, there are 672,213 veterans in the state of Michigan. While extensive resources exist to assist veterans and their families before, during, and after deployment, resources that touch on the unique challenge of being a veteran and a parent can be surprisingly hard to find.

Where traditional parenting self-help resources might be lacking for veteran parents, Veteran Parenting shines as a beacon of clarity. A free service provided by the US Department of Veteran Affairs, Veteran Parenting is a course that teaches reliable parenting methods and how to reestablish relationships with their children.

Users can choose to start the interactive, module-filled course from the very beginning—examining each topic in-depth, at their own pace—or can choose a specific topic and start there. Whether seeking to strengthen parent-child bonds or managing parental stress, Veteran Parenting features interviews with actual veteran parents discussing their stories, their experiences as parents, and tips for other veteran parents re-adjusting to civilian life.

In addition to providing parenting advice, the Veterans Affairs website also provides similar courses for other aspects of veteran life, such as emotional management, sleeping aid, and overcoming life challenges such as injury and adjustment.

For whatever situation our veteran parents might be in, there exists a resource to find answers and seek advice from those who have served, but also parent. With the Internet at our fingertips, it has never been easier to connect with others who share our experiences!

In addition to Veteran Parenting, a comprehensive list of resources for veterans in eastern Michigan exists for services such as depression counseling, addiction support, career advising, and financial assistance for both veterans and their families. We encourage those who currently serve (or have served) to explore these resources as a way of showing our thanks and gratitude for their time, their service, and their dedication to our country.



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