Kaygo Gardening Gloves

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I'm allergic to just about everything you can possibly think of outside. Do, I still have to do yard work? Yep, if I don't do it, then it will not get done. So, I needed a fabulous pair of gardening gloves. That's when I found out about Kaygo gardening gloves. 

Kaygo Gardening Gloves

Usually, if anything touches me, I immediately start swelling up. These long gloves are just what this girl needed. They stop me from getting brushed by something that could possibly cause an allergic reaction. Also, they're thick. I think that's the best part of these gloves they protect my hands from prickly and thorny weeds. Yay! When I'm done working, I can just slip them off, and my manicured fingers still look perfect.

The elegant flower design is inspired by a silk dress fabric from the 1920s. So, while pulling those nasty weeds, you will look stylish!

These gorgeous gloves are made from sturdy synthetic leather and have an elastic wrist to secure the gloves which I love.

Kaygo gardening gloves are ideal for gardening, pruning, yard work, general handling, and home improvement, so they're not limited to just working in your yard!

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What do you look for in a good pair of gardening glove?



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