Know Your Self Worth

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I was chit-chatting over coffee with a friend a few weeks ago, and I caught myself diminishing my own self-worth. My friend being the awesome friend she is she immediately stopped me and had me check myself. Why was I even comparing myself to someone else? It was a big wake up call to me. As women, it's so important to know your self-worth. 

Know Your Self Worth

As women most of us find ourselves comparing ourselves to other women. If you think about it, it's just ridiculous. God made each one of us so different so unique that there can only be one you. You have your own talents, personality, and just take a peek at your fingerprints. You're wonderfully made each and every one of you!

Why do we compare ourselves? Well, I personally think it's due to the way we talk to ourselves in our heads. Spend a day taking a listen to what you tell yourself. Your thoughts usually in some shape or form turn into actions. 

We need to rewire our thinking. We're belittling ourselves. You might hear your mind saying something like this to you;

My house isn't clean enough.

I'm not a good mom.

I'm ugly.

I don't like this or that on my body.

I'm not worthy enough to be loved.

I'm a terrible cook.

The list goes on and on and differs for each person.

Yes, there is always room for improvement. If we aren't trying to improve ourselves, we are not leaving room to grow spiritually or emotionally. I believe God gives us time (sometimes) to change our ways.

Girls, we are going to work on rewiring our brain, so we value ourselves, and it's so simple!

Anytime you catch yourself saying something negative I want you to replace it with a positive. This takes time, but don't give up. You are worth it!

I spend 5 minutes a day repeating something positive and giving thanks to God every single day before I take a nap.

After a while, your subconscious will start believing you. So, skip all of those lies you tell yourself and know your self-worth!



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