10 Ways to Enjoy Northwest Sweet Cherries

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It's cherry season, and I can vouch that this year's crop is juicy, sweet and plump. Did you know that 80% of the nations sweet cherries come from our Northwest states? So yummy! They're as sweet as cherry pie. My kids can't keep their hands off them.

I thought I would give you a list of ways you and your family can enjoy cherries!

10 Ways to Enjoy Northwest Sweet Cherries

  1. Cherries are super portable. Just wash and go. We love just washing the bag and sticking them in our cooler and heading out on the boat. I love seeing my kids enjoy such a healthy snack.
  2. Cherry pie is an American classic. What would summer be without a slice? 
  3. Did you know you can freeze unpitted cherries? I didn't! I was so excited to learn this. You can buy a ton of cherries and use them year-round. You can use frozen cherries for a snack, smoothies, cocktails, and so much more! Hurry because the cherry season ends in August.
  4. Cherries are a superfruit. Did you know that cherries help fight inflammation and help improve sleep? No more melatonin.
  5. Get your morning starting with cherries. They taste fantastic in cereals and oatmeal. Or, just add a serving for a sweet treat to your morning meal.
  6. You can dry cherries for an amazing sweet treat in a trail mix or just for a snack.
  7. Cherry juice is so healthy. Use your blender or juice and make some high oxidant cherry juice.
  8. Who loves to bake? If you do try baking with cherries. MMM, cherry muffins sound divine.
  9. Do a little meal prepping make cherry parfaits as a grab and go treat for your family. 
  10. Make a tasty cherry mocktail or a cocktail. Better yet add some cherries to fresh lemonade. Yum!
Cherry season ends soon so run to your grocery store and buy some Northwest sweet cherries.



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