Teaching Kids to be Safe

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Teaching kids to be safe is so important in my household. In fact, you can help kids take charge of their own safety. My husband is a sensei he decided as part of my kid's education they would learn to defend themselves. I'm not a ranking black belt like he is, but I couldn't argue with him.

Teaching Kids to be Safe

Another way to teach kids to be safe is to teach them how to use your alarm system. I hear so many people say, but my neighborhood is secure, and sadly, bad things can happen anywhere.

I've had Guardian Alarm installed at my house for over a year now, and it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I used to say to myself that I really didn't need it because I have two dogs, but recently there was a break in down the street. What was the first thing the burglar did? Let the dog go out the door. Wow, that easy!!!

The ease of use is extraordinary. In today's day and age with kids knowing how to use electronics at such a young age, they will be teaching you how to use it.

When using the alarm system by Guardian Alarm, it will give your children a sense of responsibility. I will have two teenagers starting next month, so while I'm gone, they let the dogs in and out, which involves turning the alarm off and back on. Don't let this scare you. It's so easy! It becomes routine just like brushing your teeth.

Guardian Alarm is different than those DIY systems. Guardian Alarm has a customer portal that makes it easy for customers to manage their account. It's actually amazing. Did I lock my door? Wait, all I have to do it look on the portal and I can tell if my doors are locked. No worries and it's like I have an armed guard standing at my home.

Did you know that Guadian's military and first responder receive a discount of 50% off installation and 10% off monthly monitoring and additional devices? I just love Guardian Alarm!

Who's ready to teach their kids to be safe? I know I was and still am. With Guardian Alarm's 24/7 professional monitoring of my home and latest home automation technology, I know my family is safe! 



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