Flashfood Now at Meijer

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There's a new app called Flashfood, and it's been saving people a BIG on their grocery bill at Meijer! New to Michigan is the Flashfood app who has partnered with Meijer in the metro Detroit area to reduce store generated food waste and help people buy discounted groceries. When I say a discount, I'm saying at least 50% off!! The app is simple to use; you browse and pay on the app, pick up at the front of the store at the Flashfood fridge, and have customer service confirm your order. A great and easy win-win opportunity to empower the community! 

Flashfood Now at Meijer

Fresh items like $5 produce boxes, meats like $1.50 12oz breakfast patties, and so much more, which would otherwise be thrown out due to their upcoming sell-by date, will instead be placed on Flashfood app. Shoppers can download the FREE app on iOS or Android stores.

This year, Flashfood launched in 405 stores across Canada, with Canadian grocery giant Loblaws and has diverted over 2 MILLION pounds of food from landfills.

Flashfood is now available at four Meijer locations (Meijer Howell, Meijer Commerce Haggerty Rd, Meijer Brighton, and Meijer Waterford).
I'm so excited to check out Flashfood as soon as it becomes a little closer to me! I LOVE saving money!



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