Feast of Boogers

Awhile, ago I caught my youngest daughter eating something, and her head was under the covers.  I also, hear chewing.  I told myself, that it cannot be.  What kid could ever do something so gross.  Certainly, not one of mine.  Yes, she was feasting on a booger.  I automatically go into Mommy mode to explain how boogers cause worms to grow in your stomach.  Yes, I know it's a lie, but this act of feasting on boogers needs to stop stat.  Gross is not the word.  She just smiles acting like who cares about the worms.  I then proceed to ask her why she does this.  She tells me it tastes like HOTDOGS.  Yes, hotdogs.  I explained to her how we have hotdogs downstairs, and I can go make her one, so she didn't have to deal with worms in her stomach.  

So, last night I catch her blowing her nose on a tissue.  I tell her how proud I am that she made the decision to use a Kleenex instead.  She smiles, her cute innocent little smile and then shows me her pinky finger.  "Mom, did you know if you use your pinky finger to pick your nose that there is a second hole up there by your eye to pick?"  Hmm, how to I respond to that one with a straight face.  All I could manage to say is really.

So, I guess the Feast of Boogers continues, until someone catches her and she actually gets embarrassed about it.



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