Nipping Bullying in the Bud

My oldest daughter advised me that my youngest was being bullied today.  So, automatically the Mama roars.  You don't mess with the baby cubs.  So, I asked what happened and Faith proceeded to tell me.  Keira refused to discuss the situation because A. she was embarrassed, or B., she didn't want to get the kid in trouble.  She started hysterically crying, and refused to tell me his name.

I emailed her teacher immediately.  If everyone would take a few minutes to speak to their children, I think we can start nipping bullying in the bud.  Our children do not deserve to go into any environment that feels unsafe, or causes stress, and anxiety.  If we hear any stories from our children, I feel they need to be reported immediately.  If children learn they cannot get away with these acts they are less likely to repeat them. 
I'm calling all Mom's to help nip this in the bud.  If you see a kid being picked on, open your mouth and use it.  If you hear about something going on, report it.  You never know who you will save, or lead on to a better path.  



  1. Anonymous10/15/2012

    We had this problem with the family I work for. We went from having a 1st grader who absolutly loved school, to one that was HATED it. Mom got really upset about it, because we couldn't figure out what was going on. When one day Alexis told us that a little boy was bothering her because she had done a presentation on Panda's and he did not like them. Mom was really upset and talked to the teacher and if it did not stop was going to talk the the headmaster (principal). It ended up being fine after a while. But no child should ever go though that!!!

  2. And this is why my son Jonathan who is a sweet and gentle boy is now home schooling. I feel like the school did not do enough to make Jonathan feel safe and the parents of this other child who was doing the bullying got away with a hand slap. Horrible!

  3. I'm sorry. Hopefully he is enjoying home school.


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