Pantene Swishy Hair

So, every women, (girl at heart) dreams of walking down the street and having hair that is swishy and flows beautifully.  My hair has always been naturally wavy.  It took until my early 20's to realize this.  Yes, as a teenager I had a spiral perm making my hair the height of those crazy bee-hives.  Then when straight hair became the fad, and never seemed to have left, it was all out war on the hair.  I don't think I ever realized that my hair could be wavy.  My hair as a child was always cut short, because I don't think my parents wanted to deal with it.  After, I had my hair chemically straightened for like the third time (it was a miracle all of my hair didn't fall out forever), did it ding in my brain that maybe I had wavy hair.

I was finally over the war with my hair.  I was just going to be a wash and go girl.  Of course, even that gets boring after awhile.  So, maybe once every few weeks I would dig the old reliable chi out and straighten my locks.  My ends were looking fried, so I asked my stylist, who claims my locks were still healthy but dry, what to do.  She said it's all about the styling products.  I hop on Google to find out just where I can get the most hydrating shampoos.  I found two, which I will advertise in this link.  The first one is Pureology, it had the highest rating and the most customer satisfaction, but it wasn't in the budget for someone like me to pay that much unless it's a pure miracle. Pureology Nanoworks Anti-Aging Shampoo And Conditioner (Google Affiliate Ad).   I opted for something more affordable, for someone like me who only works part-time, and went with the Biolage Hydrating Shampoo.  My locks are feeling much healthier, and you can get huge bottles at Sam's Club, for a reasonable price.

Anyways, back to the Pantene Swishy hair.  Most women know how long it takes to get the perfect blow out.  So, I went out and bought a new hair dryer, and a new brush, and was determined to get this on my own.  I read that old blow dryers loose performance ability over the years, so I tossed my blow dryer that probably was 10 plus years old.  I brushed, I sweated, I probably even burned a few calories.  DING, DING, I finally had a decent blow out that I did by myself.  A hair stylist had told me a wonderful secret.  If you want your blow out to last the next day (and actually look better then the first day), flip your hair upside down and put it in a pony tail on top of your head.  When you wake in the morning you will have perfect Pantene swishy hair.  I felt like a Victoria Secret model with  swishy, perfect volume hair.



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