My Rainbow Unicorn Pooped a Baby

Keira came home with a first grade science project.  Since, I handle a large majority of the homework with the kids, I leave the 2D, and 3D projects for my husband.  Her assignment was to develop and explain an invented animal, and two physical adaptations that the animal uses to survive in the environment.

I usually work the weekends, so I advised Matt to start the project while I was working.  I came home to find this below.  My Keira just oozes the cuteness even in her homework.  Her animal she came up with (all on her own), is a rainbow unicorn.  The rainbow unicorn lives in the forest.  Unicorns use their horn to fight other animals.  Also, the bright rainbow colors, make other animals want to be friends with them.  How cute is that? 

 All, I could think about is how creative my little sweet munchkin is.  When Matt and I were alone, I had to ask what was that thing under the unicorn.  He said that the rainbow unicorn pooped out a baby.  I was rolling laughing.  How adorable! 



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