Phone Calls & Dupa

Every morning Faith and her friend go through what day not to call each other.  Faith will tell Leera not to call her on Tuesday, because of karate.  It's not like those two spend a ton of time chatting on the phone, so I find this funny.  

My little Keira makes me laugh. She made plans to go to her friend's house.  So when I picked Leera up from school Keira advised Leera not to call her today, that she had plans.  I nearly choked because Leera never calls Keira.  It was so cute, that I spent all morning giggling.

Matt has been calling Faith a dupa since she was little.  In fact, I hear him use the term all of the time.  Faith is a know it all, just like her Dad.  She can do something one time and suddenly be an expert on the matter.  This morning Faith told Matt that she knew the definitionThat dupa was a french word that meant stupid.

I was in the other room putting my shoes on and laughing.  Since Matt uses the term so often I knew it was Polish, and Faith was so matter of fact that she felt she couldn't possibly be wrong on her definition.

Matt looked up the definition to show her that it was not French, but Polish.  Little did he know what he had been calling his kids, an ass.  On top of that Faith is running around calling everyone an ass.

I had to explain to her today why we will not be using that word anymore.    



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