White Car Turd Lady

The four of us were headed somewhere the other day.  I don't remember where, but that isn't important, what is important is that we came across the white car turd lady.

I have seen some pretty crazy people on the road in my 37 years, but I think this one takes the cake.  

This chick was talking on her cell phone, but wait it gets better.  Yes, everyone sees people chatting on their cell phone and driving.  It's wrong, but people still do it.  The white car turd lady went beyond the normal, she was also painting her nails.  Yes, painting her nails.  I had to do a double take, and show it to Matt.  He couldn't believe it either.

The sad part, that really burns my biscuit, is that she had little kids in the car.  So, on top of endangering everyone on the road, herself included, she was endangering her kids.  I should have called her in to the cops, but I think I was too stunned.

What is wrong with people?  I can understand taking a phone call.  I don't like it but I have done it myself But giving yourself a manicure while chatting on the phone and driving?  What the hell is wrong with you white car turd lady?  

Should your child be taken away because you're endangering his life?  Maybe, lose your license?  Something needs to be done.    



  1. First off, I don't take phone calls in the car so I'm not defending having a spa day while behind the wheel. :D

    But... Child taken away? Definitely no. There are a million things that people do every day that others could perceive as endangerment. Parents are human and can be too irresponsible or absentminded at times. (Or, sometimes just have a different take on the same situation.) That doesn't mean that the child is unloved and neglected. Foster care can be dismal for children and should be an absolute last resort for true abuse cases.

    In the case of crazy, distracted drivers, I think they should get hefty tickets. (With maybe other cumulative repercussions for additional tickets of the same offense: higher tickets, driving class, eventual license suspension, whatever.)

    I think it's good and normal to want to defend and protect children, but also unwise to make leaping assumptions about the general parenting abilities of people we don't know. :)

  2. Anonymous11/18/2012

    That child may not be unloved, but it most certainly is neglect. Wether intentional or not. That's not making unwise leaps into assumptions about parenting skills of people unknown. That was clearly a woman with a lack of better judgment about her child's safety. And maybe this one incident shouldn't end up in loss of children, but it certainly should cause for some sort of involvement and education on what is appropriate behaviors while your children are with you.. On a cell phone, painting your nails WHILE driving, is just plain abusive and it definitely makes me judge this woman.. If that is ok in her eyes, what else is she ok with?

    1. Respectfully... :)

      "What else is she ok with?" is a leaping judgement. It takes a real situation and adds too much imagination. We only have one set of facts to work with, one snapshot of that person and of that parent / child relationship.

      No doubt, the woman in question made a bad driving decision. There should be laws in place for strict ticketing and repercussions. However, labeling beyond that doesn't really serve any purpose except to fuel "mommy wars" full of negative judgement, in my opinion.

  3. In my opinion I think her license should be revoked and she should have to go to some sort of driving safety class. If her children are not be cared for properly I feel that is where child welfare services would step in. ;)


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