Two Thumbs Down to Gel Strips

I've never been a girl that liked fake nails.  I have had them on a few times, and hated the big ordeal of taking them off.  So, when I discovered the shellac manicure, I fell in love.

After a while, I had spent a small fortune on the shellac manicure.  They were a battle to take off, if I did not have it done at the salon.  On top of being expensive, and damaging my nails.

I decided to buy my own kit, and do it myself.  I bought everything I needed to get the perfect manicure.  My first experience was not a good one.  The gel lifted off within a few days.  I did a few more manicures making each coat thinner, and still had bad luck.  So, having such bad luck I decided to use normal polish, and the gel over the top.  I got about a week of chip free nails.

I'm addicted to saving money, and doing this on my own.  I had heard about the Sally Hansen Gel Strips and decided to pick them up.  I have used the regular strips before with a not so happy turn out. 

This in the link for what I bought.  First of all, it took me 90 minutes to put these on.  When, I finished they looked awesome, but I had a feeling they were going to lift.  This morning I awoke with two gel strips missing, even though I followed the directions.  

I'm back to square one, discovering that the best way to have this done is by a professional.

I spent $14.00 on the gel strips.  I emailed Sally Hansen about this poor product and the big waste of my money.




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